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My sister read one of my old random writings, and suggested I should have a blog.

A blog.

A blog.

A blo- okay I should really stop typing this.

 A blog is something I have always thought−and wanted−to have. A place to be artistic,  real, and cathartic, all at the same time. Keeping things to myself isn’t really a trouble, but letting it out for the world to witness? There’s a different feeling of relief there. It’s some way of release that makes you feel like you’re telling your bestfriend your deepest secrets. I have considered the suggestion too, multiple times. But I know there are still things that I need to learn about composing and writing to make my entries “blog-worthy”. There are some a LOT that still needs revising, especially in my way of writing. My sister even offered me to show one of her friend’s blog, so that I’ll find inspiration. But I refused, knowing to myself that I still need developing. And those changes I have to discover and develop by myself.

But a time will come, when it just feels like I need to broadcast this, and it will come. It will happen. Someday. Somehow. Next month. Next week. Tomorrow. Today. Tonight.



A prodigious, dilemmatic blue jay who has nothing good to do with life. Been trying to figure out where I belong and so far, not so good.

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